The days have become weeks and the weeks have moved into months. Your job hunting plan has been revised, improved, and you still haven’t received the right job offer. In continuing your job search maybe it’s time to think about adding to your skills and experience.

Nothing stops a job interview faster than not having a logical well though out answer to the interviewer’s question, “I see you have a considerable gap in employment what have you been doing to keep you skills sharp?”

Adding to your skills accomplishes a number of positive things. First, you’ll have a great answer to the question. Second, increased skills mean a boost to your confidence. And finally they will increase your opportunities to network and as a bonus they can be used to enhance your resume.

1. Improve your planning abilities. In many communities the mayor or the local planning commission has volunteer boards that assist in working through economic development issues. Work through your local politicians or the local Chamber of Commerce to get you started.

2. Job hunting is the ultimate project management exercise. Improve your project planning skills by taking a course at a local college or adult education program. If this is not possible, work up a self-study plan or distance learning to improve these important skills.

3. People skills can always be improved. Perhaps working with your church on a project or volunteering to assist an organization that you believe in can improve your sales and negotiating skills.

4. Improve your written communication skills by starting a blog. Write about something career related, or perhaps about your plans and accomplishments in adding to your skills. This has an added bonus of building your brand. If your name is Googled do positive things show up on the first page of results? Work to make this happen.

5. Sharpen your platform and presentation skills. Do you have something that you are passionate about? A hobby or an interesting trip that others would like to learn about. How about searching your area for opportunities to present the information? Work hard to make the subject and your presentation interesting and informative.

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